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Disseminating electrification units

African villagers with a box of solar light equipment.

Last week we finally disseminated the solar panels across all of the involved groups in the selected village. The experience was extremely eye opening, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The social responsibility aspect of the project kicked in at this stage to a great degree.

We decided to approach the project with the most simplistic mindset imaginable. We simply gave out the solar panels and assessed the people’s current problems with regards to electricity consumption and assessed their current income situations.

The villagers’ homes ended up being much farther apart than we expected, so their scattered nature made it difficult for the community setup that was initially projected to be assessed. This project will now aim to assess individual benefits of these solar panels and hope to serve as a useful marketing tool for future PAYG (pay as you go) systems.

We will be revisiting on June the 29th and there will be further updates to come.

Villagers, in front of a mud house with a wooden door, with a box of solar light equipment.
A smiling villager in a purple shirt with an English saying on it, in front of a mud house with a wooden door.

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