In your Curriculum, you’ll find everything you need to find the right idea, develop it into a product, and launch into the world.

Written and maintained by students and staff at Grinnell College.

a. Idea and Idea Validation

1. How to find a problem to solve.

2 sections – 15 minutes in total

2. Who are my customers?

1 section – 10 minutes read

3. How do I validate my idea?

1 section – 10 minutes read

4. How do I inspire my customers?

1 section – 12 minutes in total

b. Idea Design

1. Where can I prototype my idea?

1 section – 5 minutes read

2. Approaching product design with ‘design thinking’.

1 section – 15 minutes read (plus 50 minutes video)

a. The Business Model

b. Forming a Team

c. Financial Management

d. Project Management