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Deciding on the location

View from a small, worn, wooden boat in a narrow channel of brown water with sticks on the mud banks and tall trees on each side.

The first week we visited the village called Mkuranga as a potential location for the execution of the project. We trekked across the path that led to Mkuranga which ended up being a 5-hour trip riddled with terrible road conditions. Thanks to the car we had, we were able to make it through. We went on a very small boat powered by a singular man to visit this village that was suggested to us by a man named Mr. Mzumbe: a person who has already installed a mini grid at the same island. Judging by the extremely long and expensive route used to reach the “port” that allowed us to visit this island, as well as the unsafe nature of the boat used to cross the river that leads to the island, we have doubled down on our decision not to host the project at this village.

Furthermore, we were given updates on a village named Kabuku that has a 10 household cluster that easily fits the criteria we are looking for. Further assessment was made on whether this group will work or if we must keep searching. Ultimately we decided to keep searching. As a result, the project start date may be pushed back by one week, however this is not a problem as there will still be ample observation time.

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