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Catalyst Fair 2024

Last Wednesday, April 24th, we were delighted to invite the whole campus community to the Catalyst Fair, a project showcase event. It was a chance for everyone to learn about Catalyst, as well as the projects we supported over the past year.

The Fair was an opportunity for the project members to share their ideas, the progress they made, their upcoming goals, and future perspectives. “I was grateful to share my project with the world and have this brilliant networking opportunity,” says Dennis Mboya ‘27, who presented on JuaJamii, one of the fascinating projects recently granted with the Catalyst Fund.  As he mentions, the form of a non-academic poster session enabled the attendees to not only learn about the core objectives of each project, but also talk in person with their authors. “[The projects were] something that I did not realize the students were doing,” says Marie Reyes-Alvarez ’26, who attended the event. This interaction of projects with the public on campus allowed them to get more feedback and insights, as noticed by Katie Babb ’26, one of the mentors for the Catalyst. “I hope that the people that came are as excited as I am to see the projects carry out into the future,” says Candice Lu ’26, who is both a mentor of the Catalyst and a co-author of one of the Catalyst-supported projects, IX. The high attendance of the event and interest in the projects suggests that indeed, the campus community is very much interested in the progress of each of the projects and the Catalyst as a whole.

Thank you for your participation and interest!

The gallery of the event:

Sophia Braga Ramalli ’27 showcasing Grinnell Rocket Team (GRT)
Parikshit Roychowdhury ’26 presenting his project
Dennis Mboya ’27 introducing JuaJamii
Aritra Mookherjee ’27 sharing his project
Jinny Eo ’26 and Candice Lu ’26 on their project, IX
Emmy Potter ’24, Anu Sanumi ’26 and Hope Harrington ’24 presenting their project – GHAMP
Grant Sackmann ’27 showcasing Vanguard Valves

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