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The Grinnell Health Advocacy and Mentorship Program (GHAMP) is a student-led initiative that seeks to educate students about the U.S. health care system and help students navigate various barriers to care that they may experience (e.g. lack of transportation, difficulty finding a provider, costs, etc.). GHAMP seeks to provide a low-stakes environment for students to ask questions about their health care and get connected to on- and off-campus resources that may be able to address their concerns. GHAMP leaders serve as peer mentors who are trained in patient navigation in order to discuss students’ concerns, explain their insurance or health care options in digestible terms, and refer students to resources that may be able to help. Overall, we seek to help students feel empowered to actively participate in their care and feel confident navigating the health care system in Grinnell and beyond.

Project members:

Emmy Potter ‘24 is a fourth-year Biology and Political Science double major from rural Nebraska. She is interested in health care policy and public health with a particular interest in issues around health care access; disability; and health literacy. Following her graduation from Grinnell, she will be continuing her work in patient advocacy as an Advocacy Program Coordinator for a rare disease nonprofit, as well as pursuing her MPH in Health Policy part-time.

David Stefanoff ‘24 is a fourth-year biochemistry major with a concentration in neuroscience. David is interested in studying neuroscience and exploring the impacts that stigma and societal barriers have on healthcare outcomes. After Grinnell, he will work in a neuroscience research laboratory with plans to later go to medical school.

Anu Sanumi ‘ 26 is a second-year Biochemistry major concentrating in Neuroscience and Policy Studies. She is interested in mitigating the factors that predispose certain groups to poorer health outcomes with a particular interest in subsidizing current healthcare amenities. While she will be completing service at her local church and shadowing medical professionals at facilities close to home this summer, she is pursuing an eventual career in epidemiology in combination with hands-on medical practice.

Hope Harrington ‘24 is a fourth-year Biology major that is also dual enrolled at the University of Iowa in pursuit of an MPH in Epidemiology. Her research interests pertain to strength and cardiovascular training and how exercise can improve chronic illness outcomes genetically, physiologically, and epidemiologically. Following her graduation from Grinnell College, she will continue to complete her Master’s degree and aims to apply to PhD programs thereafter.

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