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  • Disseminating electrification units

    Disseminating electrification units

    Last week we finally disseminated the solar panels across all of the involved groups in the selected village. The experience was extremely eye opening, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The social responsibility aspect of the project kicked in at this stage to a great degree. We decided to approach the project with the most simplistic…

  • Deciding on the location

    Deciding on the location

    The first week we visited the village called Mkuranga as a potential location for the execution of the project. We trekked across the path that led to Mkuranga which ended up being a 5-hour trip riddled with terrible road conditions. Thanks to the car we had, we were able to make it through. We went…

  • Catalyst Fair 2024

    Catalyst Fair 2024

    Last Wednesday, April 24th, we were delighted to invite the whole campus community to the Catalyst Fair, a project showcase event. It was a chance for everyone to learn about Catalyst, as well as the projects we supported over the past year. The Fair was an opportunity for the project members to share their ideas,…

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