The Catalyst – an idea incubator and fund – is an initiative from the Donald and Winifred Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership to support and guide students on the Grinnell College campus who are entrepreneurial-minded or driven to innovatively solve problems.

The Catalyst is led by a team of student mentors with a passion for mentoring, problem-solving, and for growth.

The Catalyst space will host a variety of resources and workshops geared toward equipping students with the knowledge they need to develop ideas and implement their for-profit business ideas into the world.

The Catalyst Fund initiative provides additional monetary support to students based on an application process. Students who qualify for funding and who demonstrate a commitment to using the Catalyst space and/or its resources are eligible to receive funding to support their business needs.

We welcome any and all students at all levels of expertise in start-up development: from students with interesting ideas to those with already formulated business plans. Come join us to learn and develop the ideas that will shape the world!