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On-Campus Resources

Projects should take advantage of the thousands of books and articles that Grinnell has on almost every potential topic and skill. The library is a great way to start research, learn a new skill, and be exposed to new strategies. Take a look at our reading list recommendations for a place to start!

Projects can to DASIL for support on collecting and analyzing data as well as creating data visualizations. 

Projects should engage with Vivero for support with digital projects and presentations. Vivero offers peer mentoring and collaboration with the Grinnell community.

Check out the Reading, Writing, and Speaking Center for support on crafting a strong narrative, practicing a pitch or speech, and for feedback on written materials. For additional skill building, students can take their short courses that include basic academic writing, advanced principles of writing, and oral communication. 

Projects should utilize CLS’s “learn about” page to develop skills, learn about opportunities, and get connected to career resources. Projects can make appointments with the heads of the different career communities to learn about Grinnell specific resources and alumns who relate to their project’s industry. 

Projects should utilize MentorGrinnell, part of the CLS, both on an individual and a project level to connect with alumns, ask field specific questions, and build relationships with people in their industries. 

Projects should seek out this resource for support on building initiatives that connect the college with the community. They assist students with research and learning, strategies and action plans, connections with individuals and organizations in the community, and resources.

Projects can take advantage of Rosenfield’s many events to learn from alumns and experts in politics, international relations, and human rights. If their projects and interests involve these subjects, students should check out their internship funding. 

Wilson Center is where the Catalyst is located, but projects can take advantage of the Wilson Center beyond the Catalyst by engaging with the Wilson Center’s short courses and events which focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Resources available thorough Grinnell

Projects should utilize LinkedIn Learning’s thousands of hours of instructional videos to develop new skills in a wide range of fields. You should especially check out their hands on coding practice!

Projects should stay on top of current events and important global context by accessing the New York Times. NYT has a broad range of coverage that extends beyond the news including product reviews and podcasts. To stay on top of business and tech related news, we recommend NYT’s “HardFork” podcast!

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